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To all coaches, club directors, parents and wrestlers of WLGW League:

In my lifetime I have had to make many decisions. I made them with the military, my own business the wrestling league, our club, the Jason Crawford Memorial and more. Some decisions are simple and some require a lot of work. I have wanted to send out a statement to our league informing everyone of our official status but felt the need to consult with the medical community, the sports commision, the arena staff and others to make sure I'm not making a hasty decision but an educated, thorough and thoughtout decision as it affects so many. It's so hard to admit that we must end our wrestling season for 2020 but there just aren't any possibilities. I've searched for options and tried to be creative but the truth is blatant and I must concede that our season has ended.

Thank you all for being members of our league and for the work you do with so many awesome kids and the most amazing sport there is. I have so much admiration and respect for each of you that volunteer so many dedicated hours to make our leage a success and to teach our wrestlers so much about competion and life.

Until we resume next January, I thank you for your participation and patience.

Wayne E. Terry
WLGWL President

Practice schedule is tentatively Mondays and Wednesdays starting
January 29th at Pasco High School in the wrestling room from 6:30-8:00pm.

*** We will not have any other locations going during this league. ***

Please read the About page for details about the club and what is needed to participate.
Please see Calendar for practice schedules and locations.

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